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Seattle for Kids: Octopus Week at Seattle Aquarium

Coming Soon: Octopus Week at Seattle Aquarium!

seattle aquarium octopus weekHave you ever wondered what octopus eat for dinner?  (answer: crabs, crayfish, small fish, snails and mollusks!)

Or how many hearts octopus have?  (answer: 3!)

Or if they are the same on both sides?  (answer: they ARE symmetrical) 

All of those questions and many more will be answered this month at Seattle Aquarium.

February 13- 21

Seattle Aquarium invites you to “Wrap your arms around Octopus Week.”  This fun family event will teach you everything you could possibly want to know about one of the oceans most interesting and odd creatures – the Octopus!

Octopus Fun Fact #1:
Octopus have 3 hearts.  One to pump blood through the body and the other two branchial hearts to pump blood through their gills.*
Love Connection:  This Valentine’s Day, love is in the water at Seattle Aquarium.  See it live, as biologists introduce two octopus and cross their fingers for a match!  It will be 6 hearts pounding and chemistry under the sea.  If they try and hug each other, it could be a little hard to untangle!

Octopus Fun Fact #2:
Octopus (or Octopi for the plural) have a beak!  They use this beak (that resembles a parrot’s) to slice through tough shellfish.*
Watch an octopus as it is released into the wild- LIVE!   Visitors will be able to watch onscreen from inside the aquarium as biologists release octopus out in to the waters of Washington below the pier.

Octopus Fun Fact #3:
Octopi have very complex brains!  They don’t get served their dinner on a platter.  In fact, the majority of the things octopus love to eat, love ot hide!  The octopus must use its brain to figure out how to hunt their prey- using its boneless body that can squeeze into small spaces.*
seattle aquarium octopus week
Dive in!  Check out a live dive show where aquarium divers swim with an octopus in the Window on Washington Waters Exhibit.

Meet the octopuses; enjoy live interactive games and octopus-themed story times.  Octopus Week activities are free with admission and membership.  Get more information and check out all of the details here.



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