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Seattle for Kids: Rainy Playdate

Get Inside Seattle!!! There’s Plenty To DO!

The clouds have officially rolled in…. and that means the days of outdoor water parks and playgrounds will give way to indoor activities and rain boots.  The good news is the Seattle area is prepared for any kind of weather – with plenty of fun places for parents and kids alike to fold up their umbrellas and spend the day.  Below is a list of some of our favorite places, broken down by mood (since we can all get a little moody when the days get shorter!)

Play Happy Cafe- Facebook“Ba… ba!!!” (baby talk for – ‘hey, I want to go and try out my new crawling and walking skills with other kiddos, mom!”)…
…head to Play Happy Cafe in Lynnwood.

Winner of the 2013 Red Tricycle Most Awesome Indoor Playspace for the Greater Seattle Area, and the 2014 Parent Map Golden Teddy for Best Coffee Shop- The Happy Place Café is just that for “little ones and their favorite grown-ups”.   A fantastic spot for kids 6 and under to adventure, it’s just a short drive from Seattle and the Eastside.   With free Wi-fi, a hearty supply of Caffe Ladro coffee, and a play area designated for kids 0-6 (with a special area designated for infants and new crawlers), The Happy Place Café is the perfect place to let your little ones run wild.

Find them at: 4114 198th Street SW, Suite 3, Lynnwood  | 


Tinkertopia“Mommy, I’m bored…”
…head to Tinkertopia in Tacoma.

A self-described alternative art supply, or creative resuse center, Tinkertopia is any little inventor’s ultimate playground.  With bins upon bins and bags upon bags of “reusable junk” (think marbles, medals, springs, corks, caps) this is a place where anything is possible.    Choose your bag size (prices range from $6.05 to $19.95 and your little inventor can fill it to the brim with bobbles and zingzangs and kalamadoos.  Take it home, or build something there- the possibilities are truly endless.  Tinkertopia also offers workshops, birthday parties, and more.

Find them at: 1914 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma  |


Wunderkind“I want a new toy!!!!”
…head to Wunderkind.

Kids got the gimmies?  There’s no better place to go than Wunderkind just north of Seattle’s University Village.  Open 9 am to 9pm daily Wunderkind is a great place for kids to play, without the expense and clutter of buying them yet another toy!  This more intimate 1800 square foot space offers tables upon tables of LEGOs for the kids, and an extensive coffee, adult beverage (yes, they even offer beer and wine!), and snack menu for the parents.   They tout themselves as a place kids can create, build and play and parents can unwind, relax and take a break.  Sounds like a win/win to us!  Wunderkind offers day rates, packages, and birthday rental space.

Find them at: 3318 NE 55th Avenue, Seattle  |


Playdate Seattle- YELP“Daddy, I’m antsy!”
…head to Playdate Seattle.

Let’s face it, everyone gets a little stir-crazy when it’s been raining for 3 months straight!  We can’t blame them.  Kids 14 and under can get the wiggles out at Playdate Seattle.  This giant (we’re talking 8,000 square feet) underwater-themed indoor jungle gym boasts interactive dance floors, climbing, crawling and ball shooting spaces, along with a separate area for the little ones who need a slightly calmer atmosphere.  Pay to play all day (grown-ups are always free), and set your bambinos loose while you sip on a warm beverage (they server Stumptown coffee!!) in the attached cafe.   Playdate Seattle offers fun events like puppet shows, laser tag fights, and more.  Check their website for a complete up-to-date calendar.

Find them at: 1275 Mercer Street, Seattle  |


22“I want to TRY something new!”
…head to All Together Skatepark.

All Together Skatepark is Seattle’s only indoor skate park.  This super rad 6,900 square foot space includes ledges, manual pads, quarter pipes, banks, stairs, and vertical walls.  The great thing about All Together Skate Park, is that there is something for every skill level.  With classes, open skates, designated times for ages 11 and under (and even designated times for 30 and older) this is a great place to safely try something new (with plenty of experts around to give you tips!).  All Together Skatepark offers private lessons, camps, classes (we love the Skate Like a Girl! class) and much more.  Pay per visit or buy a punch card to save!

Find them at: 3500 Stone Way N, Seattle  |


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