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Seattle Bite Club: 2015 Ice Cream Tour

We Scream for Ice Cream: 2015 Seattle Ice Cream Tour

Seattle may be known for its rainy days and hot cups of coffee — but there's a little secret we're hiding from the rest of the world.  Lean in really closely — (it’s our summers!)  No humidity, clear sunny blue skies, not too hot, no mosquitoes….and plenty of ice cream!

Fortunately there's no shortage of fantastic locally owned shops that the whole family can “scream for ice cream” right here in Washington.  Why not do a 2015 Ice Cream Tour and try and taste them all?   We’ve put together a list of “must-taste” ice cream parlors and gelato shops around the area, so you can fill your summer with sunshine and sweetness!

Full Tilt Ice Cream

Full Tilt- FacebookWho doesn’t like their ice cream served with a side of pinball? Full Tilt is a full experience. The first of their ice cream parlors/pinball palaces opened in 2008 when owners Ann Magyar and Justin Cline wanted to build a place in Seattle’s White Center where families could hang out, listen to good music and eat really tasty ice cream! When a neighbor mentioned there was no where in the neighborhood to play a good game of pinball- Full Tilt was launched. Now with multiple locations around the Seattle area, Full Tilt has a little something for kids of all ages from ice cream, to beer (for kids 21 and over) to vintage arcade games.

Fainting Goat Gelato

This charming family-owned shop in Wallingford, is the product of a passion for hand-crafted gelatos and sorbets. Proud to be the first gelato shop in Washington state to use organic milk (from Fresh Breeze Farms in Lynden, WA) and organic sugar, Fainting Goat Gelato is creamy, subtle gelato at its best. Flavors rotate daily (check their Facebook page here for updates)- they range from basic to creative (think Honey Lavender, Blackberry Merlot and Bourbon Tennessee Whiskey).

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream

Molly-Moons-Ice-Cream-3This is ice cream so amazing there is an entire book dedicated to it! Molly Moon’s has become a neighborhood staple in Seattle (they currently have 6 locations) with a passion for “making the world a better place, one scoop at a time.” There are so many things to love about Molly Moon’s- from their dedication to supporting their employees to the Anna Banana Milk Fun that provides milk for families in need through Family Works Foodbank. Plus they are one of only a few shops that offer vegan flavors that are completely dairy, gluten and alcohol free (made with coconut milk- yum!)

Bluebird Ice Cream Microcreamery & Brewery

Bluebird Ice Cream- FacebookYes, you read that correctly- Microcreamery & Brewery. Ice Cream and Beer. Beer and Ice Cream. This ice cream and soda fountain also features nano-brewed craft sodas and beers all made in-house. You can sit at the old-fashioned counter (which in the Fremont location is actually salvaged from a pharmacy soda fountain)- and there are actual soda jerks who make fantastic floats (of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties), milkshakes, sundaes- even traditional egg cremes! You’ll want to hang out all day.

ScoopduJour- Urban SpoonScoop Du Jour

A Madison Park classic, this place is everything that a neighborhood scoopery should be. No frills, just great shakes, flavorful ice cream, and a short walk to Madison Park Beach — plus a great kid’s menu if you’re hungry. Stop in, and say “hi” to the locals- they’re sure to remember your name.

Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream

Parfait- FacebookWhat once began as an upscale food truck has now blossomed into a brick and mortar location in Ballard. Owner Adria Shimada cultivated her love of food and appreciation for REAL farm-fresh ingredients over a stint in France- and brought them back to the Northwest to create ice cream that is all about the ingredients. Adria focuses on creating organic artisan ice cream (along with ice cream sandwiches, cakes, pies, macarons and push-pops ) which are “elegant” takes on the classics and fun departures from the norm (like the rosemary pinenut brittle).

Nutty Squirrel Gelato

NuttySquirrelFacebookHow can you not love an ice cream shop that is the culmination of a young family’s dream?  This adorable shop in Maple Valley (named playfully after the forest?)  was recently voted Best Ice Cream Shop in Western Washington and is totally worth the drive.  Featuring market to table- all natural, seasonal ingredients, hand-crafted in the shop, this stuff will literally and figuratively melt in your mouth. And as an added bonus they cater…  “Strawberry” the red tricycle- is available for weddings, graduations, any celebration and comes to your even loaded with single-serve or scoop able gelato- a fantastic spin on the ice cream truck!


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