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Elevate Your Experience: What's UP at the Needle

From its start as a sketch on a cocktail napkin, the Space Needle has stood tall as a beacon for “what if” thinking. Today, the Needle is taking that spirit above and beyond with new experiences that deliver more interaction, insights, connections, smiles and “wow”. As the pivot point for one of the world’s hubs for innovation, the Space Needle is heightening guests’ ability to discover Seattle in one-of-a-kind ways and share those interactions with the world.

space needle - elevateSPACE NEEDLE APP

Picture yourself with a life-size Needle.
Be floored by a “see through” view over Seattle.
All from your mobile device.
Download the app and upload more fun!

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space needle - elevateSPACESPOTS

See in 3-D!
Look for the special spots around the Needle’s base and Observation Deck. Download the Space Needle app and see the spots come to life! You could be standing over a virtual glass floor with a jaw-dropping view of what’s 520 feet below. Maybe you’ll find a life-sized Needle with colorful fireworks bursting everywhere. Capture your Space Spots discoveries using the built-in camera and share with friends and family!


Space Needle - elevateSKYPAD

Millions of memories. One powerful view.
Immerse yourself in 52 years of sunsets, celebrations, history and imagination. The SkyPad’s 20’ x 8’ high-definition touchscreen helps you explore the Needle’s past, present and future like never before. Make your mark on the global guest book or upload your Needle memories to share with the world.


Space Needle - elevate520 TELEPORTER

Seattle Starts Here.
From 520 feet, go out then get down — instantly teleporting yourself to Seattle’s top spots. 520 Teleporter gives locals and visitors alike behind-the-scenes access to iconic houseboats, underwater marvels and sports stars with just the swipe of a screen on the Observation Deck.


Space Needle - elevateSPACEBOOK

Store & share your Needle photos and memories all in one place.
Your ticket to the top also unlocks SpaceBook – your online Needle memory book that stores photos and highlights from you sky-high experience. Share your favorite memories with friends and family on social media, all from the SpaceBook kiosks or online.



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