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Seattle for Kids: Block by Block

Imaginations Soar to New Heights at:

seattle for kids

Warning: This exhibit may ignite (or re-ignite) an obsession with Legos®!

Now through Labor Day, just under the shadow of the actual Space Needle, you’ll be amazed by some of the world’s most noteworthy landmarks made entirely out of Legos®.  Block by Block, Inventing Amazing Architecture was designed and constructed by certified professional artist Dan Parker and his Seattle-based TrainBuilder Productions, LLC.  Born out of a desire to test the limits of what Legos® can actually do, Parker is one of only 13 people outside of Lego who is authorized to do work on this scale.

seattle for kids

Your creativity will take a trip around the world from Seattle’s Space Needle, to the Chrysler Building in New York City, and then overseas to the tallest man-made structure that currently exists in the world – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – all created literally “block by block.”  The nine showcased landmarks, ranging in height from four to nine feet tall, were constructed with nearly 200,000 bricks – no small task even for Lego® experts.  Each display features details on the actual real life height, location, number of bricks used and number of hours it took to build.

seattle for kids

After perusing the Block by Block masterpieces, visitors can take the inspiration of Parker’s project and try their own hand at the Lego® play area, suitable for kids of all ages.  Using a variety of blocks provided by the museum, guests scan then display their mini creations in the “Mini-Megalopolis.”

seattle for kids

This impressive, meticulous, timeless exhibit will tap into your creative side, and teach you a little something about some of the most amazing skyscrapers and landmarks of our time.  And on the way out,  stop by the gift shop for Lego® themed items sure to delight any brick-fanatic.

One warning: this is a small exhibit and will not take all day.  However, with paid admission to Block by Block, visitors can explore the entire EMP museum – and there is plenty to see and hear!  Get details on Brick by Brick here, and check out everything the EMP has to offer at


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