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Spy: The Secret World of Espionage

seattle for kids

Warning: This article will self-destruct after reading.

Grab your mini-agents, harness your inner snoop and head to Pacific Science Center for Spy: The Secret World of Espionage – an exciting limited engagement exhibition that will wow the entire family.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to explore the undercover world of spies through a combination of insider information, actual historic spy artifacts, and hands-on challenges.  This never before seen glimpse into the masterminds of the CIA, FBI and OSS will have you wondering if anything is what it seems…


Upon entrance into the exhibit, you’ll be whisked away into a covert world – where brick walls hold secret compartments, glue sticks document your ever move, and coins are used to transfer information.  With nearly 300 actual gadgets on display, you’ll see firsthand how deceiving and truly crafty the world of espionage has been throughout the years.  Are those cigarettes watching you?  Is that dead rat really a way to transfer money?  Is the heel of that shoe recording your conversation?

seattle for kids

Secrets abound as you learn in-depth information about real-life spies from around the world and their missions.  You can check out actual passports used to deceive, a spy kit complete with letter opener, even a piece of the Berlin Wall and a collapsible motorcycle used in parachuting operations.

seattle for kids


What would you be like undercover?  The ultimate Voice Changer will record your voice, and show you how technology can change a spy’s unique “voiceprint.”  Then use the Secret Agent machine to create your own disguise – complete with facial hair, wigs, glasses and hats.  Watch out you may not recognize yourself!

seattle for kids


Now put your own skills to the test at Spy School.  In this interactive gallery, you’ll be under surveillance and challenged to decipher where the secret cameras are,  you’ll crawl through duct work and decode secret messages, and slide your way through a laser maze in 30 seconds without tripping the alarm.

seattle for kids


The last stage of your mission provides an actual eye into the lives of more contemporary spies, breaking down and busting some of the most recent espionage operations. You’ll get a glimpse  at the world from a new perspective with real-time cameras filming cities all over the world from Dubai to London.  Complete the mission with a Spy Assessment to see just how good you’ve become at cracking the code of the world of undercover spies.

Spy: The Secret World of Espionage is showing now through September 1 at Pacific Science Center with missions launching every 15 minutes.  Order tickets, watch videos, and get more information HERE.  All ages are welcome, but we recommend it for ages 7 and up.


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