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Seattle for Kids: Seattle Aquarium

Venture Under the Sea, for an Experience that Will Take Your Child to New Depths!

The Seattle Aquarium gives your little explorer a chance to see what goes on under the surface of the Puget Sound.

Perched over Elliott Bay, at Pier 59, the Seattle Aquarium is any child’s dream!  From touching live sea creatures, to watching the sea otters play, to trying on a real diving suit, there’s no shortage of things to do for kids from 2 to 105!

We’ve lined up the top 5 things we think you should check out at the aquarium – and we’ve done it with a little S-P-L-A-S-H!

S is for “Submarine”

If you could head down into the Puget Sound in a submarine and really see what’s going on down there, it would look a whole lot like the Seattle Aquarium’s Window on Washington Water Exhibit.  This 120,000 gallon exhibit loaded with over 800 fish and invertebrates was built to mimic the Pacific Northwest’s local waters.  Stare eye to eye with a rockfish, catch the wolf eel peeking out of its habitat, and check out all of the beautiful coral.  Make sure and head to this exhibit daily at 10am, 11:30am and 12:15 for a live diver demonstration.

P is for “Play”…

…and that’s just what you’ll do at the Life on the Edge Exhibit.  This is an opportunity to actually touch and feel the creatures that dwell in the tide pools of  Washington State’s outer coasts and Puget Sound’s inland sea.  You can feel the prickly sea urchins, the slick sea cucumbers, and even chase the hermit crabs.  Want to know what something is?  Naturalists are always on hand to point out what you are looking at and touching, and answer all of your questions.

L is for “Laugh”!

It’s quite a funny site to watch this giant creature move about.  Meet the Giant Pacific Octopus, a famished not-so-little fellow who consumes between 2-4% of its body weight every single day!   Watch this crazy guy maneuver about the habitat and make sure and be there at noon or 4pm to see an attempted feeding.

A is for “Awe”

You and your little ones will be shocked at the Ocean Oddities Exhibit.  Check out a fish that looks more like a colorful blimp floating through the water (Cowfish), a critter who mimics a leaf wafting to and fro in the current (Leaf Scorpionfish) and a sea creature that looks more like a horse than a fish (Seahorse).  This is a rotating exhibit, so check back frequently to meet new “charmingly strange” creatures from the bottom of the sea.

S is for “Santa”

Yes, that’s right Santa!  The Seattle Aquarium is loaded with fun events and activities – from Toddler Times, to Exploration Weekends, to Diving Santa!  Don’t miss the opportunity to see the “Man from the North Pole” as he dives to the depths of the sea in the Window on Washington Waters Exhibit, Saturdays and Sundays from November 30th to December 22nd.   Look here for more info and to check out all of the great events going on at the Seattle Aquarium.


H is for Takin’ it all “Home”!

One of the coolest things about the Seattle Aquarium is how much you can experience from behind your computer or Ipad screen!  The geniuses at the Aquarium have hooked up live streaming webcams, where you can watch the harbor seals and sea otters kickin’ it in their own habitats.  (Warning: watching these adorable sea creatures may just become your next obsession!) You can also check out activities going on at the Aquarium – from daily feedings to lectures.  Check out their live cams here.

Make sure to tune in to Seattle Aquarium Social Media, as well.  Their Facebook, Twitter, PinterestInstagram and YouTube pages are packed full of updates and pictures of what’s going on, as well as other interesting Marine Biology happenings all over the Puget Sound.  Visit to connect.

The Seattle Aquarium is located at 1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59, Seattle, WA 98101.


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