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Space Race: Catching up with winner Gregory Schneider

We recently had a chance to catch up with our Space Needle 50th Anniversary Space Race Winner, Gregory Schneider, to get a sense of how life has changed since winning the coveted contest and trip to space last May.

Space Race Final Challenge: Halo Walk
photo courtesy of Rod Mar

As if the thought of space flight isn't dizzying enough, Gregory has been on fire since completing the Halo Walk around the top of the Space Needle to take home the grand prize. After winning the Space Race on May 9, Gregory graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law on May 12, became a father to his new baby girl, Eden, on June 11, and then promptly scored the second-highest score on the Arizona bar exam in July! He has since began clerking in Tucson, started writing a book on maximizing law school performance, and launching a MediaWiki-based legal research platform, amongst other things, including considering a move to Seattle.

When asked how his family and friends reacted to the news, he noted his family and friends were “super excited.”

“My kids are really excited. It is just cool for them to have a personal connection to space flight. It is something I wanted to do as a kid, now they have this to inspire them to be engineers, build the skills, be interested in science, etc. My four-year old son has been bragging, ‘my dad is going to space.’” As for his wife, Gregory stated, “My wife has been really positive, actually. I can tell she is nervous, but she knows the kids are excited. I am excited. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

When asked if it has sunk in that he will be going to space, and what/if any preparations has he already begun taking, Gregory noted, “I am definitely ready to do it. I will get nervous as it gets closer … step into the capsule. I’ve been keeping up with Armadillo Aerospace’s suborbital spaceflight rocket and Space Adventures developments.”

We will be sure to keep our fans and followers up-to-date with all the latest at it pertains to our rocket man, Gregory Schneider. What a trip!


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