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Protect Your Public Views

protect your public views

Protect Your Public Views

On 1st & Pike St. you look toward Elliott Bay and are greeted with an iconic view of Pike Place Market. At the top of Queen Anne, locals and tourists alike gather to take in the city skyline from Kerry Park. Today, from South Lake Union the Space Needle beckons. If current proposed city rezoning passes, the Space Needle, as well as many other beloved city, sound and mountain views, will disappear.  Make your voice heard and protect your public views.

The Seattle City Council is finalizing legislation changing the zoning rules in the South Lake Union neighborhood.  As a member of the Seattle community you can help protect the spirit that is Seattle by helping ensure that we preserve our iconic views and maintain what is unique about our city. We encourage you to let our city leaders know what you think.

Want to help preserve your public views? It's easy! Tell City Council that smart growth means maintaining the integrity of our city by emailing them, HERE.

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