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Space Needle hosts the World Federation of Great Towers

Space Needle hosts the group’s annual meeting as it continues to celebrate its 50TH anniversary

Seattle -- Sept.29-Oct. 3 Seattle has been playing host to the likes of the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, Chicago’s Hancock Tower, Sydney Tower and London’s Shard (and this isn’t like the time Fife offered $1 million to move the Space Needle to its downtown). Officials from 29 international towers have convened in Seattle for the annual gathering of the World Federation of Great Towers. Hosted by the Space Needle in honor of the landmark tower’s 50th anniversary, the group of largely independently-owned towers gather to network, share ideas, key learnings and explore the city.

This annual gathering of the World Federation of Great Towers includes forums and discussions that focus on the global economic impact on tourism, use of new tools and technologies and more.  Including 29 international towers with 69 delegates, the Seattle gathering is the largest in the Federation’s history.

Most of the extraordinary buildings in the World Federation of Great Towers, like the Space Needle, have become a symbol of their cities. Modern ingenuity and technology now make it possible to reach incredible heights. Millions of visitors scale the great towers of the Federation each year to admire their spectacular panoramas.


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