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Wine Bottle Surprise!

The next time you dine at Sky City Restaurant and order a bottle of Baer Ursa, Stevens 424, Sparkman Chardonnay, any Betz Family Wines, or any Washington Wine, you may be in for a big surprise. There is a good chance that the bottle of wine you are drinking was bottled by someone from The Space Needle. There is a group of us that have a passion for Washington Wines, especially bottling. We could be your server, server assistant, bartender, someone in accounting, or the person cooking your meal.

Woodinville Wine Country is less than 30 minutes from The Space Needle. Our bottling crew will start the bottling day at 8AM and usually be done by 3PM. That's about enough time to bottle 800 to 1,500 cases of wine or 9,600 to 18,000 bottles. All of us have different jobs to perform -- it could be dumping the empty bottles onto the bottling line, placing the foil capsule on the bottle, checking the fill level and making sure the labels are on right, packing 12 bottles back into the case, or packing that 45 pound case on a pallet that will hold 70 cases of wine. Yes, everyone has an important job that the Winemaker has given us, and trusts us to do.

And at the end of the day, we sit down with the Winemaker and enjoy a glass of wine or two that we just helped bottle. Hard work, but it is our passion. It is a chance to be together outside of work and have some fun.

So, enjoy your wine and dinner at Sky City, especially the Betz, Baer, Sparkman, and Stevens wines, or any other Washington Wines from our award winning Wine List. And remember, there is a good chance that the wine was bottled by the person serving you.

A Space Needle Wine Bottler


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